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Two Types of Leaders by Paul Butler

06/23/2015 5:20 PM | Deleted user

Two Types of Leaders


If you are a supervisor, manager, or senior leader you have a sacred responsibility. If you don't do what you need to do, the organization's results will suffer and the people that report to you will suffer. All work matters, but yours has a multiplying affect.

I have noticed there are two types of leaders - let's call them Type 1 and Type 2.

Type 1 leaders focus on themselves. They don't really care about the people who report to them. They are primarily interested in managing upwards for their own selfish career goals. Type 1 leaders are threatened by the greatness of people around them. They want to suppress and contain any such flashes of brilliance within the ranks so they themselves get the glory. They think independently in interdependent situations. They see the world with their eyes turned inwards. Their best friends are Me, Myself and I - the unholy trinity.

Type 2 leaders focus on others. They genuinely care about the people on their team. They see their roles as bringing out the very best of others to achieve excellent organizational results. They think interdependently but will take personal responsibility for any omissions, errors, or oversights of their team's work. Their best friends are You, Us and Together.

Type 1 leaders tend to think that when they're the boss they can kick back and just tell others what to do. Type 2 leaders work even harder than they did before they became a leader.

This begs the question, "Why do some choose the Type 1 style of leadership and some choose the Type 2 style?" From my observations and experiences, the directional compass of these two leaders is set by such elements as:

  • Their personal belief system
  • Their upbringing
  • Their exposure to professional development
  • Learning from their own successes and mistakes

Look around your workplace and you will see Type 1 and Type 2 leaders. Which ones do you think are making the best contribution to the organizational results and work culture?

Choose to be a Type 2 leader. That's one of the wonderful things about human beings: we're able to learn and adapt. Our tomorrow as a leader doesn't have to be our past because we can choose to change it in the present. Organizational results will improve and your team will thrive under your leadership because Type 2 leaders are people of exceptional character and consistent competence.

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