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You Could Be Our Next Presenter

Smooth, engaging and professional speakers are in high demand. Remember most of our members present (or develop) workshops too, so be well-prepared and rehearsed with group engagement. Presenter should not sell during the presentation, and they may offer/sell their book/materials/services at the end of the session. Traditionally, time and materials are pro bono by the presenter, other options may be discussed. 


The event leaders will review your proposal or form submission, and then select those presentations that are most relevant, current, and compelling to our membership, and that have strategic value to the association. Presentations that address current industry topics are preferred. Among the Special Interest Groups, Chapter Meetings and Learning Workshops we have a limited amount of schedule each month and like to forecast when possible.

Upon selection, you and the event leader will partner on the marketing as well as other simple arrangements. We require headshot image and course description. The chapter will include you and your business on marketing materials distributed among our media outlets leading up to the date of the event. 

Successful Presenters Do These Things

Over the years we surveyed our members after chapter meetings and they told us that successful presenters meet the following guidelines. If you have these requirements please complete the form below. Be patient because we only have a limited amount of space on the schedules. No direct emails, please use the form below:

    • Lectured minimally (25%) and then engaged the group with activities (75%) the entire time.
    • Spoke with confidence because they practiced before coming to the event. 
    • Used a parking lot to freeze participant off-track questions, then followed up afterward. 
    • Used language that was inclusive and diverse in gender, age and other forms of inclusion. 
    • Arrived a little bit early to set up and test their presentation so it ran smoothly. 
    • Delivered relevant industry content that supported our community. 
Excessive Sales Pitches or Self-Promotion

This is probably the most important point about participating as a speaker and presenter. Members come to events to hear unbiased presentations and do not enjoy sales pitches about products, businesses or service. Please keep your abstract and presentation focused purely on education. Being a speaker and showcasing your thought leadership on the subject will truly be the best advertisement for your business. You can share your contact details and product at the end of the session after your meeting. In return, the chapter will ensure that you and your company are marketed via our communications channels; we want you to succeed too! 

Chapter Meetings 

Meetings are held in Los Angeles, check the schedule for location. Topics selected based on monthly theme. Conducted in a "Ted-Talk" meeting style on third Thursday of the month, exceptions may occur. The presenter shares interesting content, data and findings within 90 minutes or less. These are more of an intimate meeting with around 20 or more participants. Powerpoint and handouts are acceptable. We highly recommend that you come to a chapter meeting and meet our members, establish relationships, before delivering your presentation.

Webinars or Virtual Instructor Led Training 

We live in a virtual world. Webinar and distance training will reach a wider audience since it doesn't involve traveling on the busy Los Angeles freeways. Online virtual training session are a great way to connect with our members across the vast Los Angeles geography. Have an innovative topic. Design your own interesting slides, without clutter. Deliver it once or over a series of dates. Try a lunch and learn too. We can accommodate all these types. 


Topics will vary and should be related to our industry, and talent development competency model. Conducted in a formal classroom or traditional training style. The presenter delivers content 4-8-16 hours. These training courses have around 20 participants, this may vary based on the course. 

Participant occupations range within the talent development industry, based on the topic. Training organization management, instructors, consultants, and org development practitioners. Training classes are held in Los Angeles or virtually based on the best date for the instructor and the chapter. Pro Bono is preferred, but other shared-fee options can be discussed.

Delivery Options
Above are the common options, there are other options if an occasion arises. 
  • Keynote or moderated discussion panels
  • Conferences 
  • Sponsorship
  • Advertisements

  • Case studies
  • Book tour
  • In kind donation of your workshop or new book
  • Special interest Groups (SIGs)
Multiple Form Submissions

You may submit multiple responses for different topics however, please keep in mind that we do limit the amount of speakers from any one company, and a specific amount of meetings we produce annually. 

Contacting Us Regarding Status of Speaker Proposal

We are committed to serving the talent development community and selecting its experts. Please note that, due to the volume of submissions we receive, only individuals who are selected to speak will receive a reply. Although we truly appreciate all your ideas and proposals, it is simply not feasible for us to respond personally to every submission. We also kindly ask that all speaker proposals be submitted using this form. We encourage speakers to fill in the form as opposed to directly contacting Board Members regarding their speaker proposals. 

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