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The Neuroscience of Leadership

  • 12/17/2015
  • ATD National Virtual Live Event

Use brain science to develop more effective and healthier leaders.

A global study of more than 5,500 executives and employees across 27 countries shows that leadership is falling short in many ways, and years of training in the typical leadership programs have not helped. That is because a vital, foundational piece was missing: an understanding of the brain. 

Managing a business, organization, or government agency in the 21st century is challenging. Setting strategy and building in conditions of uncertainty is not easy; the difficulty is compounded when we rely on traditional and perhaps outdated approaches.

With more than 99% of our decisions, motivations, and reactions being influenced by automatic, non-conscious processes – the hidden brain holds an extraordinary balance of power. Understanding what drives behavior, leveraging the strengths and limitations of the brain, and managing the impact of this in the workplace offers a new vantage point for leaders and organizations.

Join neuroscientist, Dan Radecki PhD as he explores how the latest brain science can help develop more effective and healthier leaders. 

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn the neuroscience fundamentals related to leadership development
  2. Understand the Impact of Stress and resilience on leadership ability
  3. Understand your ‘social brain’ profile and the implications for your collaborative leadership style 

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