Volunteer Spotlight: Annie Liao

03/21/2019 12:00 AM | Grant Skakun (Administrator)

Member Since: June 2018

Professional Role/Position:  I'm an Instructional Designer at Dine Brands Global where I develop training for IHOP restaurants.

ATD-LA Volunteer Role/Position: I've been helping out on the ATD-LA chapter meeting planning team.

Why Do You Volunteer for ATD-LA? When I moved to Los Angeles, not only was I looking for a new job, I was in search of a professional community to connect with and invest in. From the first chapter meeting I attended, I was struck by the welcome I received and the timely and relevant content shared from the front. I knew I'd be back! I've received so much from this group in the short time I've been involved and wanted to contribute in some way. Luckily for me there were lots of ways to get involved and I found there was a place for me on the chapter planning team. I've enjoyed working with Kavita to help plan ahead for future chapter meetings and am excited for what's on the calendar!

Favorite ATD-LA Memory: The Brain Exchange chapter meeting in January was one of my favorites so far. I love the spirit of generosity in this group and I enjoyed hearing everyone's gems of wisdom at the event. One thing that stuck with me from that evening was when Fred Stevens shared about giving empathetic thought to the commute someone faced in order to get to a training event. Simply acknowledging someone's commute can go a long way to set them at ease and create a space that helps them learn. I love that! And living in Los Angeles, I think we can all relate to the struggle. I've thought of that so many times since he said it. And that was just one of about fifty things I came away with that night. Can't wait for the next one of those!

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