• 03/28/2017 2:09 PM | Grant Skakun (Administrator)

    A Message from the Chapter President

    2017 - 1st Quarter

    Ben Sieke, 2017 Chapter PresidentAs the first quarter of our 71st year draws to a close, I am excited to share this update with our members and our community! Our incredible Board of Directors, our valuable volunteers, and our diligent and hardworking office team have been working together to get 2017 off to a strong start.

    If you have been reading our newsletters and regularly visiting, you are already aware of what we have been working on. I am going to take this opportunity to call out a few items in particular that I believe are demonstrative of the successes that we have already had so far this year, and that we will continue to see throughout 2017.

    First, ATD-LA’s program offerings continue to grow in quality and scope. Our commitments to delivering value to our members and to advancing the talent development community in greater Los Angeles mean that we continue to strive to offer you the very best programs possible. Some programming highlights from this year include:

    • The successful relaunch of our Train the Trainer program, which was a yearlong collaboration between incoming and outgoing board members and volunteers, took place this quarter. We expect this program to be a regular offering going forward.
    • A revitalization and expansion of our webinar program. These virtual sessions allow attendees from Southern California and beyond to attend high-quality programs without having to brave LA traffic! Browse our Webinars page to see a list of offerings scheduled through the rest of the year – all of which are free to ATD-LA members.
    • For the third consecutive year, ATD-LA will be hosting a local, two-day DiSC certification program. Stay tuned for more information, but I can offer two details today: it will take place in August, and our members will (as usual) receive a significant registration discount.
    • The inaugural Talent Summit LA on April 19, which we are offering in partnership with other local professional development groups as a way to bring our community even closer together. More details about this event – which may have as many as 200 attendees – can be found by clicking here. Register now to secure your seat at the networking event of the year!
    • Our Mentoring Program is set to kick off shortly! This is a longtime chapter offering that has been key in the careers and development of many of our members. For the current program, we had solicited applications last year and earlier in Q1 2017 and our Director of Membership is in the process of finalizing our mentor-mentee matches.
    • Always a key to serving our entire community, our Communities of Practice (SIGs and GIGs) remain vibrant and are positioned to grow. We believe this year is one of great opportunity for these groups, which cater to specific geographic areas and areas of practice within talent development. Click here for more information on when and where these communities meet.

    Second - but no less important – the chapter remains strong and stable, and we are building infrastructure to support the chapter and our members into the future. Our ability to serve you on a long-term basis is reliant on sustainable policies, processes, and technology that align with a chapter strategic plan. The 2nd quarter update will include more details on this work, but I will share that this includes revisiting how we onboard and develop volunteers, an expanded use of Google applications, a redesign of key parts of our website, and a complete transformation of our social media presence led by our Director of Technology.  Very exciting!

    Finally, as this quarter’s end represents the completion of the first quarter of my presidency, I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the considerable legacy of my predecessor, Past President Anthony Lewis. As a volunteer organization (volunteerism details here), ATD-LA relies on a group of selfless, hardworking members that want to give back to the organization and to our professional community. Please join me in thanking Anthony, as well as our other volunteers, past and present, for their contribution to the state of the chapter and our regional talent development community.

    As your Chapter President, I welcome your thoughts, comments, questions, and suggestions. You may reach me at – or, better yet, come find me at an upcoming event. Thank you for allowing me to serve you!


    Ben Sieke
    2017 Chapter President

  • 01/10/2017 1:36 PM | Grant Skakun (Administrator)

    December 22, 2016 - The Los Angeles Chapter of the Association for Talent Development (ATD), formerly ASTD, was recognized for its submission to the ATD “Sharing Our Success” (SOS) program. The national SOS program identifies best practices among local ATD chapters and uses them as models for other chapters.

    The chapter created a “Volunteer Only” tab in Wild Apricot with subsections titled by each topic. The chapter implemented a system to designate who receives access to each section, and uploaded documents and historical information to each tab. This system compiles all resources and tools in one location and reduces email congestion and duplication of documents. At each meeting, the chapter shows documents from the volunteer tab instead of recreating PowerPoints.
    • See a description of Los Angeles Chapter’s project on the Chapter Leader Community SOS webpage: Click Here
    • See ATD-Los Angeles recognized at the ATD Chapter Leaders Conference (ALC) in Washington, DC: Event Details
  • 12/16/2016 10:39 AM | Anthony Lewis

    Refresh your chapter profile! Got a new professional picture? If you moved, landed a new job, want to update your password or it’s been a hot minute since you’ve updated your account profile, now is the time to update your contact information.

    Here’s how:

    1.    Go to

    2.    Log in with your username and password

    3.    Select your name located at the upper right of screen

    4.    Select one area at a time: Profile, Privacy, Email Subscriptions, Photo

    5.    Click on Edit Profile

    6.    Edit or modify the contents by clicking fields

    7.    Select the Save button the bottom

    Make sure you have an active email address entered, this is one of the ways we contact our membership and ensure annual voting news is sent to you.

    Stuck? Please contact the office if you need further assistance. You can fill in this form:

    Thank you.

    ATD-LA Office and Board of Directors

  • 12/09/2016 11:25 AM | Grant Skakun (Administrator)

    The Chapter of the Month is national recognition for ATD local chapters that have demonstrated strength, growth, and innovation in managing their chapter.

    Jeffrey Gehris, chair of ATD’s Chapter Recognition Committee, which awards the Chapter of the Month honor, said, ”This prestigious award recognizes the Los Angeles Chapter for demonstrating innovative and unique approaches in providing great value to their members and professionals in the community, including professional development, networking, and leading information about trends in the talent development industry. The Los Angeles Chapter is a leading example for serving members and other ATD chapter leaders with opportunities to learn and grow from each other. We are pleased to recognize the chapter with ATD’s Chapter of the Month award.”

    Congratulatory letter from Tony Bingham.pdf

  • 09/19/2016 8:00 AM | Grant Skakun (Administrator)

    September 19, 2016 – The Los Angeles Chapter of the Association for Talent Development (ATD), formerly ASTD, was recognized for its submission to the ATD “Sharing Our Success” (SOS) program. The national SOS program identifies best practices among local ATD chapters and uses them as models for other chapters.

    The chapter developed a process to fill the role of manager for different committees working under a chapter officer with executive voting powers. All chapter volunteers were interviewed by a minimum of two chapter officers, including the president. Interviews were conducted by phone to assess skills and motivational fit. Selected candidates were then invited to the in-person board meeting to meet the rest of the board. For succession planning purposes, a manager can be promoted to director and a director to a vice president as the volunteer serves more terms on the board. This incentive educates and trains newer volunteers in a progressive manner, and recognizes those that continue their service on the board. The program has resulted in a targeted selection of volunteers that are ready to take on the responsibilities of their roles and better prepared to be successors.

    Jeffrey Gehris, Chair of ATD’s Chapter Recognition Committee said, "This recognition honors the Los Angeles Chapter’s best practice that demonstrates its commitment to managing a successful organization as well as advancing the talent development profession at the local level. We are excited to honor the chapter with ATD's SOS recognition."

    • See a description of Los Angeles Chapter’s project on the Chapter Leader Community SOS webpage: Click Here
    • Read about this project in the August '16 edition of Leader Connection Newsletter: Click Here
    • See ATD-Los Angeles recognized at the ATD Chapter Leaders Conference (ALC) in Washington, DC: Event Details
  • 04/27/2016 6:10 AM | Anthony Lewis

    Our chapter is celebrating our 70th Anniversary and would like to thank all of our current and past members for another successful year together.

    We've come a long way since our founding and appreciate all of the hard work of the Board of Directors over the years, as well as our volunteers. 

    To commemorate this milestone, Tony Bingham has written us a letter. See attached. Los Angeles 70th Anniversary Letter.pdf

  • 03/29/2016 10:52 AM | Anthony Lewis

    ATD Los Angeles South Bay Training Professionals Breakfast Meetings Special Interest Group (SIG) was established March 2004. We are recognizing its 12th successful year!

    This is one of seven SIGs that are hosted by ATD-LA. All talent development professionals, members and non-members are invited to attend: org. development, leadership instructors, coaches, students and those that support the employee education functions.

    Key leaders include: Anthony Markovich, Sue Gabriele, Vince Budrovich, Jeff Fajans, Hugh Leonard, Joan Arias, Mark Pavlakovich and others. These dedicated leaders volunteer their time to make monthly meetings a reality.

    Face-to-face meetings are held on the first Friday of every month (except Jan & July) from 7:30am – 9:00am.

    Currently, the majority of the meetings are held at the wonderful Toyota Museum in Torrance. We are very grateful for the on-going hospitality of Susan Sanborn, Curator, and her team at the museum has provided.

    Participation is informal, which is very effective for morning coffee and breakfast conversations. Recent meetings have utilized the innovative GEMS RoundTable format that was created by Sue Gabriele.

    Active ATD-LA members can attend this SIG meetings for free. Plus, this SIG has a special longstanding partnership ISPI-LA (International Society for Performance Improvement, Los Angeles) and offers free registration to its active members too. This is an average savings $10 each month.

    If you are interested in attending this SIG, please register today and join us:

    If you are interested in speaking or presenting at this SIG, please let us know by filling in this form:

    Thank all of you who have supported ATD-LA SIGs.


    ATD-LA Membership, join or renew:

    ATD-LA SIG event calendar:

  • 03/08/2016 3:28 PM | Anthony Lewis

    The Association for Talent Development, Los Angeles (ATD-LA), has achieved its chapter affiliation requirements, known as CARE. This means the chapter successfully met all 18 required CARE elements and is recognized for 100 percent achievement of CARE.

    This achievement was accomplished through the hard work, time and efforts of the chapter leadership team, office administrator and dedicated volunteers. They work very hard to align the programs and services with membership needs.

    The chapter received a special letter from Tony Bingham, ATD president and CEO, to acknowledge this noteworthy achievement.

    Click here to read the letter

  • 02/24/2016 9:15 AM | Denise Ross (Administrator)

    Five Reasons to Build Emotional and Social Intelligence:  Plus How to Do It

    By Jeffrey E. Auerbach, Ph.D., MCC

    President, College of Executive Coaching

    What do you believe are the top qualities of star performing managers and leaders?  Holding people accountable?  Being inspiring?  Ability to work with different kinds of personalities?  Hard working ethic? 

    Science shows us that what distinguishes top rated leaders from average leaders is their degree of emotional and social intelligence. 

    In this short article I will highlight the top five reasons your managers and leaders need to develop their emotional intelligence and explain the best way to help them to do this.

    I typically define Emotional intelligence (EI) to the managers and leaders I am coaching as:  EI is knowing yourself and managing yourself; and understanding others and managing your relationships with others.

    Although every individual possesses different levels of EI, in order for individuals to be star leaders, they’ll need a superior level of emotional intelligence.  EI is widely recognized as a highly important factor for success: influencing productivity, employee retention and development, as well as team collaboration. Here are five important reasons, building on the ideas of Sara Fletcher, why leaders should cultivate their emotional and social intelligence:

    1. Self-Awareness

    An individual who is high in emotional self-awareness knows what they are feeling and how their emotions affect their behavior.  Leaders high in emotional self-awareness get information from their emotions, which helps them avoid projecting blame onto others. Such leaders are able to use emotional information to help them manage themselves well and the situations they encounter. 

    2.  Self-Management

    When an individual has high emotional self-awareness, the next step is to use that knowledge to conduct themselves masterfully in complex and emotionally charged situations.   The leader high in self-management is unlikely to rush headlong into hasty decisions or let their anger lead to poor behavior.  It is vital that individuals in positions of power do not lash out emotionally, as being perceived as out of control will cause them to lose respect.

    3. Effective Communication

    Individuals with strong emotional and social intelligence usually are skilled communicators. Their emotional self-awareness, empathy and their optimism help them communicate positively and comfortably with many kinds of personalities and they are able to clearly convey ideas and directions -- knowing what to say in order to inspire and motivate others. These emotional intelligence factors increase the chances that this is a leader that others will follow.

    4. Social Awareness

    Leaders with emotional intelligence are well tuned to not only their own feelings but also the emotions of others.  They are able to sympathize with others by putting themselves in the employee’s shoes. They are capable of understanding other people’s perspectives and empathetically communicating their understanding; they are able to express that they care for their followers. If the manager or leader is not seen as empathizing with their employees, he or she will find it difficult to maintain respect or loyalty.

    5. Conflict Resolution

    In the workplace, there’s always the risk that emerging conflicts can threaten a positive organizational culture as well as harm productivity. However, leaders with high emotional and social intelligence are best equipped to help manage conflicts, be appropriately responsive and help craft effective solutions.  Leaders high in EI use their emotional intelligence to develop an inclusive, engaged and effective workplace culture.

    Four Steps to Develop Emotionally Intelligent Leaders

    Step One:  The first step to develop more emotionally intelligent leaders is to establish agreement between the coach and the employee that the leader is interested in becoming a peak performer.  Then you show the leader that the research demonstrates that to be a peak performer means to have well developed emotional and social intelligence.

    Step Two:  Next, administer a valid emotional intelligence assessment to obtain a baseline and identify EI competencies to fine tune. Based on my research, presented by invitation to the American Psychological Association, the most valid and culturally fair of the emotional intelligence assessments is the Emotional Quotient 2.0 (EQI2.0). 

    Step Three:  Once the EQI2.0 results are available, conduct a coaching session where the client selects EI competencies they want to fine tune, aligned with important values and organizational goals, and set up a coaching plan with action steps to move forward. 

    Step Four:  Next help the leader develop an accountability process to make sure they practice the new, desired emotionally intelligent behaviors at every available opportunity. 

    How, When and Where:

    EQI2.0 Certification Special for ATD-LA Members -- Register by March 3rd to save $100 on early registration.

    ATD-LA has scheduled a special, discounted EQI2.0 Certification on March 24th and 25th in Culver City. 

    Attending the certification training will:

    Allow you to administer the EQI2.0 Self-Report and the EQ360 Multi-rater report, generating a valuable 21 page report complete with thorough development and coaching suggestions tailored to the client.

    Prepare you to teach a one-day workshop on Emotional and Social Intelligence. 

    Provide you with four free scorings of an EQI2.0 Workplace report allowing you to immediately recoup the cost of the investment in certification,

    Benefit you with your own one-on-one individual coaching session to review your EQI2.0 report with a master coach.

    Click here for more information on ATD-LA’s discounted EQI 2.0 Certification training being held on March 24 and 25.

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