• 12/09/2019 2:48 PM | Grant Skakun (Administrator)

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    Professional role/position

    Manager, Talent Development and Learning at Delta Dental 

    ATD-LA volunteer role/position

    Chapter President

    Why do you volunteer for ATD-LA?

    When I first began volunteering for the chapter in 2015, it was to give back and to stay engaged - I knew that I would attend meetings more regularly, for example, if I was a volunteer. Over time, I realized that the relationships you build here are truly priceless. It's been a true pleasure to give back to our professional community alongside our amazing members and volunteers. 

    Favorite ATD-LA memory

    Our chapter meeting in February 2019, where many of our past Presidents and former board members were in attendance, was a special moment. Hearing about how their service to the chapter had changed their lives and the lives of so many other members was a testament to the importance of the work that we do as chapter volunteers.

  • 11/27/2019 11:45 AM | Grant Skakun (Administrator)

    With Thanksgiving upon us and with the end of the year and of my three-year presidency approaching, I find myself in an especially thankful mood when I reflect on ATD-LA. There’s so much to be grateful for!

    I’m thankful for our members, the core of ATD Los Angeles. The diversity of our 300+ members is astounding, comprising a cross section of professionals from across Southern California practicing as coaches, trainers, consultants, people leaders, and instructional designers, among other roles. Some are new to our work, others have a lifetime of experience; all share a passion for helping people be more effective in their work through growth and development. Whether through sharing best practices, sharing career opportunities, sharing experience through mentoring, or just sharing our time and insight with one another at chapter events, we’re lucky to have each other.

    I’m thankful for our volunteers, who are the lifeblood of our chapter. To our outgoing board members, Margeaux and Carol, I share my thanks for your service to the chapter. To our new and continuing board members, SIG and GIG leaders, and volunteers, I share my excitement for the future and my gratitude for your willingness to lead our chapter in 2020 and beyond. To my successor, Kavita, I share my best wishes for success in your term as Chapter President and my sincere thanks for the many contributions you’ve made as a member of our leadership team since late last year. This organization is richer because of the contributions of our many volunteers!

    I’m thankful for our office staff, Denise Ross and Grant Skakun. I could share endless stories about their contributions to our organization, but let it suffice to say that they are the too-often-unsung heroes of this organization. I’ll miss our weekly team meetings and I can’t thank you enough for the outstanding work that you do on behalf of our board and our members.

    Last, but not least, I’m thankful for the opportunities that ATD-LA creates for its members. I’ve met so many incredible people over the last several years, learned so much about our work and about our community, and, perhaps most importantly, got my (awesome) current job through relationships I’ve made with board members I’ve served under and with over the years. I hear so many similar stories from so many members that make me feel fortunate to be a member and proud to be a leader here.

    I hope you are as thankful as I am for the wonderful organization that we’re a part of and the special people that make it what it is. If you’re not, I encourage you to get involved in volunteering and mark your calendar with some of our upcoming events.

    With gratitude,

    Ben Sieke
    ATD Los Angeles President 2017-2019

  • 11/06/2019 11:57 AM | Grant Skakun (Administrator)

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    Professional role/position

    Instructional Design Consultant for Southern California Edison
    ATD-LA volunteer role/position

    Co-Director of Learning and Events
    Why do you volunteer for ATD-LA?

    I volunteer for ATD-LA because of the opportunity to make an impact within my community of talent development professionals. I enjoy connecting with like minded people who want to grow their skills, education and experience. My role as Co-Director of Learning and Event provides the perfect vehicle for me to do just that by planning and executing webinars and workshops that fit our membership's needs. I am always open to hearing from our members with any suggestions they may have or even just a friendly chat. Please contact me at anytime at
    Favorite ATD-LA memory

    Riding up in an elevator, upon attending an ATD-LA chapter meeting, I realized I was talking to a person I had a phone interview with for a job. I ended up with a different job but it just goes to show you that you never know where your connections will come from.

  • 09/06/2019 4:30 PM | Grant Skakun (Administrator)

    The Los Angeles Chapter (ATD-LA) of the Association for Talent Development (ATD), formerly ASTD, was named an ATD Chapter of the Month (COM) for September 2019. The COM is national recognition for ATD local chapters that have demonstrated strength, growth, and innovation in managing their chapter.

    Elizabeth Beckham, chair of ATD’s Chapter Recognition Committee, which awards the Chapter of the Month, said, ‘‘This distinguished award recognizes the Los Angeles Chapter for demonstrating unique approaches that provide value to their members, other ATD chapter, and professionals within the talent development industry. The Los Angeles Chapter is a leader in providing development opportunities to their members and other ATD chapter leaders by sharing best practices and encouraging leaders to learn and grow from each other. We are honored to recognize the chapter with ATD’s Chapter of the Month award.”

    ATD-LA achieved CARE (Chapter Affiliation Requirements) for 2018 led by President Ben Sieke. In addition, a Sharing Our Success (SOS) submission, “Navigating SHRM Credit Process and Job Aid” prepared by President-Elect and Director Chapter Meetings Kavita Gupta, and Office Administrator Grant Skakun was recognized as a best practice.

  • 09/06/2019 3:38 PM | Grant Skakun (Administrator)

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    Professional role/position:

    Management Consultant

    ATD-LA volunteer role/position:

    Director of Marketing and Communications

    Why do you volunteer for ATD-LA?

    Talent Development is the lifeblood of a company. Successful businesses are the result of effective leadership and teamwork in all levels of the organization.

    Favorite ATD-LA memory:

    Participating in Pepperdine Graziadio Business School's Nonprofit Board Mixer with fellow ATD-LA board members

  • 08/07/2019 11:03 AM | Grant Skakun (Administrator)

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    Professional role/position:

    Learning Facilitator

    ATD-LA volunteer role/position:

    New member orientation facilitator

    Why do you volunteer for ATD-LA?

    I volunteer at ATD-LA because I want to be part of a community that inspires passion and strives to empower all people to be great in their craft. Volunteering also gives me the chance to be involved in activities that interest me beyond what I do at my job.

    Favorite ATD-LA memory:

    It’s hard to pick just one! I love all the interesting discussions and group activities that happen at ATD-LA events.

  • 07/29/2019 3:49 PM | Grant Skakun (Administrator)

    Anthony Markovich, a leader of the South Bay GIG, won a free registration to an ATD Education certificate program, compliments of ATD-Los Angeles! In a gesture of appreciation for the chapter's volunteers, Ben Sieke, ATD-LA President, conducted a random drawing for the free registration that included all of ATD-LA's board members, leaders, and managers.  

    Vince will be attending the ATD Certificate in Management Development course.

    Please join the chapter in congratulating Anthony! And if you are interested in learning more about the benefits of volunteering with ATD-LA, be sure to check out the volunteer page.

  • 07/05/2019 3:00 PM | Grant Skakun (Administrator)

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    Professional role/position:

    Learning Director, Adult Learning & Workforce Education Group, LLC (

    ATD-LA volunteer role/position:

    Special Interest Group Leader - Nonprofit Trainers & Instructional Designers

    Why do you volunteer for ATD-LA?

    It's such a great resource. How could I not share it with others?! I really enjoy connecting people to resources and providing opportunities to learn with and from other L&D professionals.

    Favorite ATD-LA memory:

    A while ago, I participated in the mentoring program and had a great mentor Jane Holcomb who was generous with her advice, intentional about the development opportunities she recommended, and just an overall smart entrepreneur. I didn't know it then, but she set me up nicely with the toolbox I needed to make the transition to external consulting one year later. I truly enjoyed all of our conversations, learnings, and ah-has!

  • 07/02/2019 12:21 PM | Grant Skakun (Administrator)

    On June 28, 2019, the Los Angeles Chapter of the Association for Talent Development (ATD-LA) was recognized for its submission to the ATD “Sharing Our Success” (SOS) program. The national SOS program identifies best practices among local ATD chapters and uses them as models for other chapters.


    The SOS submission titled “Navigating SHRM Credit Process and Job Aid” was prepared by Kavita Gupta, Director of Chapter Meetings, and Grant Skakun, Office Administrator.


    The SOS described ATD-LA’s process of becoming a SHRM recertification provider, adding events to SHRM’s database, advertising participation in the program, and distributing activity IDs to event participants.  


    ATD will recognize this achievement by featuring a description of the project on the Chapter Leader Community’s SOS webpage, including an article in the Leader Connection Newsletter, and recognizing the chapter at the 2019 ATD Chapter Leaders Conference.


    This latest recognition reflects the second SOS recognition for ATD-LA over the past three years and the sixth SOS recognition overall for the chapter. ATD-LA was first recognized by the SOS program in 2003.


    To learn more about other awards and recognition ATD-LA has received, click here. For more information about opportunities to volunteer with the chapter, click here.

  • 06/12/2019 3:17 PM | Grant Skakun (Administrator)

    Member Since

    ATD (formerly ASTD) member for 8 years, served on two other ATD boards. ATD- LA member since June 2018.

    Professional Role/Position

    USC Rossier Learning Design Technology Advisory Board Chair.

    ATD-LA Role

    President-Elect, Director Chapter Meetings.

    Why Do You Volunteer for ATD-LA

    As a way of giving back to ATD and the L&D community and to learn and grow professionally. Volunteer work has intrinsic rewards and it is always very gratifying to work with students and fellow colleagues that share common interests, meet new people and help an organization achieve its goals.

    Favorite ATD-LA Memory

    Meeting past presidents and chapter leaders from decades past at the February chapter meeting on leadership presented by Professor Pete Cardon of USC, when chapter leadership was recognized. The stories and advice they shared reinforced why ATD plays such a valuable role in a learning & development professional's life and how many careers are begun, built and renewed from ATD relationships. The LA chapter is 75 years old and its position as a leading chapter was only earned by the hard work of its leaders and contributing members.

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