• 10/01/2020 12:00 PM | ATD-LA (Administrator)

    This month I am pleased to recognize the collaborative efforts of our leadership team and office administrators to present the ATD-LA 2020 State of the Chapter and Achievements:


    • Developed a Finance & Expense policy for board members
    • Created a budget to actual YTD projection analysis
    • Released the Mira Gold Fund after 25 years and will award two $500 grants annually for new board member professional development from 2020-2024
    • Reduced bank fees 50% by migrating to a more cost-efficient merchant services platform


    • Updated 2015 bylaws and 12 position descriptions
    • Developed an onboarding orientation program for new board members and volunteers


    • Started monthly new member welcome and recognition in weekly e-newsletter
    • Gained over 65 new members but overall membership declined by 10% as a result of the pandemic
    • Offered 4 membership specials including a Valentine’s Day, Summer New Member Special, Fall Member Renewal Special and a Fall ATD Member Week in partnership with ATD Global
    • Awarded 2 ATD Global online certificate programs to chapter leaders Anupa Naik and Katrina Reiniers-Jackson


    • Reduced operational costs adding $3,000 to financial reserves
    • Reduced Constant Contact list by over 70% percent reducing annual fees by 50%
    • Migrated from Go-to-Meetings to Zoom platform reducing costs by 68%


    • Started a monthly president’s message for members in the e-weekly newsletter
    • Offered 40+ orientations, chapter meetings, networking mixers including one in partnership with SoCal chapters, webinars, workshops and communities of practice meetings
    • Moved to virtual programming using the Zoom platform versus in-person meetings for the first time in ATD-LA’s 75-year history as a result of the pandemic


    • Gained 25% followers on ATD-LA’s LinkedIn platform with a total of 589 followers
    • Actively posted over 45 events and announcements on ATD-LA’s LinkedIn platform
    • Averaged 700 web visits/month and 31k impressions on the ATD-LA website
    • Website visitors include professionals from business development, HR, education, community and social services and program management
    • Developed a social media policy for chapter leaders and volunteers
    • Updated website and removed outdated information


    • Held 3rd and 4th leadership strategic planning meetings attended by board members and office administrators in winter and fall
    • Increased leadership involvement by adding 5 new chapter leader positions and 12 volunteers
  • 09/04/2020 12:00 PM | ATD-LA (Administrator)

    You will be voting for an ATD-LA Board Member who will begin a two-year term in January.

    In accordance with the chapter bylaws, this form includes the names of available positions which will begin a new term. Each active member will have one ballot per election period.

    The ATD-LA Board is a very diverse group and values the thoughts and skills of everyone. Our volunteers and board give their time pro bono (not paid). We coordinate the tasks for several learning programs, chapter meetings and membership related projects.

    Directions: Please vote for each position listed by choosing the name indicated for the position.

    All ballot forms must be submitted by or before the deadline: September 25, 2020, 5 p.m.

    Click here for the ballot form.

  • 09/04/2020 12:00 PM | ATD-LA (Administrator)

    September 14–18 is ATD’s Member Week, a seven-day savings event that will deliver exclusive deals!

    During this week, ATD-LA will offer 10 percent off of a one-year individual membership. 

    ATD will also offer 10 percent off a one-year power membership, in addition to the current $30 discount.

    There is no better time to become an ATD-LA Member or an ATD Power Member!

  • 09/01/2020 9:15 AM | ATD-LA (Administrator)

    Leading experts in their fields! Topics include:

    • Brain Exchange and New Year Networking Mixer
    • Change your Mind Create New Results
    • How to Use Level 3 and Level 4 Evaluations Effectively
    • And more

    Learn from senior L&D professionals from world class companies like Amazon and Facebook. Stay tuned for more details!

  • 08/10/2020 12:00 PM | ATD-LA (Administrator)

    Is your ATD-LA membership coming up for renewal?

    Take advantage of this special offer!

    If your renewal date falls between the months of August and December, your next year’s membership will include three free bonus months – 15 months for the price of 12!

    To redeem this offer, please contact the office.

    Renew now! This offer ends October 31.

  • 08/05/2020 12:00 PM | ATD-LA (Administrator)

    Per the terms of the chapter bylaws, we call for your self-nomination to join the Board of Directors.

    You will be nominating an ATD-LA Board Member for a two year term that begins in January. Ballots will be distributed in September.

    The ATD-LA Board is a very diverse group and values the thoughts and skills of everyone. Our volunteers and board give their time pro bono (not paid). We coordinate the tasks for several learning programs, chapter meetings and membership related projects.

    Directions: You can nominate yourself or another person for as many positions as you wish by using this form.

    Positions with terms beginning in 2021

    • President Elect
    • Treasurer
    • Director of Workshops & Webinars
    • Member-at-Large
    • Secretary
    • Director of Marketing & Communications
    • Director of Membership

    Visit for position descriptions.

    All Nomination Forms must be submitted by or before the deadline: August 21, 2020, 5 p.m.

    Click Here for the form.

  • 08/05/2020 12:00 PM | ATD-LA (Administrator)

    Kavita Gupta ATD-LA President1995 seems like a long time ago. Yes, it was in 1995 that a memorial fund was established by Ken Nowack, now Chief Research Officer of Envisia Learning, Inc. and members of the ATD-LA chapter in honor of a very special person, Mira Gold, former late wife of Ken and ATD-LA member. I am honored to share that after 25 years, new ATD-LA board members will receive a generous grant that will allow them to undertake a professional development program thanks to the Mira Gold Memorial Fund established by Ken Nowack and members of the chapter back in 1995. Here is what Ken wanted to share.

    Mira began her long volunteer involvement with ATD-LA as co-chair of the Career Development Special Division with Amy (Clement) Lichty in the late 1970s. She was a seasoned learning and development consultant and specialist in the career management field, working as a career consultant for Northrop before starting a career skills center and program at the Los Angeles Times. Her career as a consultant with Lee Hecht Harrison was cut short with a brief battle with cancer at the age of 40.

    Mira met her husband Ken Nowack while they were both working at the University of California, Davis, before moving to Los Angeles to work as an HR consultant for Flying Tigers Airline that was acquired by FedEx.  She was born in Harrisburg, PA and Mira did her undergraduate work at the University of Pittsburgh, followed by graduate studies at Indiana University where she obtained her master’s degree in College Student Personnel. Mira and Ken were married for 14 years and lived in the San Fernando Valley.  She was a talented trainer, consultant, and career development professional that modeled empathy, compassion, and support to those she touched in her delivery of career services. 

    We are truly grateful to Ken Nowack and his family for their generous gift to ATD-LA in support of Mira’s devotion to professional and career development. Special thanks also go to our CFO Anna Halbur, OD Chapter Leader Scott Wimer, and 2012 Past President Sean Bloch for their help and input in facilitating the release of the Mira Gold Memorial Fund for the benefit of chapter board members. If you or your organization would like to make a gift to ATD-LA, please contact Anna Halbur at

  • 07/14/2020 12:00 PM | ATD-LA (Administrator)

    Every five to ten years, it is common practice for our chapter to make updates to the ATD-LA bylaws in order to better reflect the practices and procedures necessary to keep the chapter running smoothly and serve our membership. The bylaws were last updated in April 2015 and are once again undergoing review. 

    At the July ATD-LA Board of Directors meeting, the board voted to approve updates to the bylaws. These proposed changes will be presented at the August 13 chapter meeting and all current ATD-LA members in attendance will be invited to vote on their approval. 

    Proposed changes to the bylaws include:

    - Updating board member positions and titles, including the addition of Director of Workshops, Director of Webinars, and Director of Special Interest Groups positions. 

    - Modifying the timing of key annual meetings to better accommodate the chapter calendar. 

    - Adopting processes and procedures to better allow us to function in a more virtual world, necessitated in many ways by the Covid-19 crisis. 

    - Aligning the bylaws with the current official name of the ATD-Global organization (changing from ATD National to ATD Global). 

    All proposed changes will be made available at the August 13 chapter meeting. In the meantime, if members have questions or comments on anything related to the bylaws updates, they are welcome to contact ATD-LA secretary, Annie Liao at

  • 07/08/2020 12:00 PM | ATD-LA (Administrator)
    Help earn revenue for ATD-LA at no extra cost to you!

    Be sure to select our chapter’s name or ChIP code (CH8028) from the dropdown menu at checkout when purchasing an ATD product, membership, conference or program registration at
  • 07/01/2020 12:00 PM | ATD-LA (Administrator)
    Diversity training, cultural awareness programs, and learning and development forums that are focused on inclusion may be new to some of us. But as talent development professionals and members of the global ATD community, it is our job to offer programs that cover ATD’s Talent Development Capability Model, which lists Cultural Awareness and Inclusion as one of the 7 capabilities that help individuals Build Personal Capability in the workplace.

    Recent events in our neighborhoods and around the world have heightened the need to bring more awareness to this capability. Be sure to check out the ATD Diversity and Inclusion Resources put together by ATD that includes blog posts, articles, and webcasts to help you create programs that celebrate differences between individuals irrespective of race, religion, or color. A New Look at D&I: Interview With Michelle P. King, daughter of Martin Luther King, by ATD staff member Lisa Spinelli addresses important questions such as “Why do diversity and inclusion programs fail? What are they missing?” and “What do talent development and HR professionals not understand about the difference between diversity and inclusion?”

    In closing, as we embrace summer and start enjoying our quarantine freedom, let us not forget that we are still embroiled in a pandemic and must continue to follow CDC guidelines. Stay safe and healthy and a Happy July 4th to you and your family!

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